Thursday, 12 January 2012

Mitford Castle

Mitford Castle is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and a Grade 1 listed building. It is the only five sided keep in England (or what is left of it).  Mitford’s had ownership before and after the Norman conquest of 1066.  Sir John de Mitford’s only daughter, Sybilla, was given in marriage by William the Conqueror to a Norman knight, Richard Bertram.  The Castle was subsequently seized by John de Balliol the King of Scotland, Roger Bertram III and William de Valence the 1st Earl of Pembroke, amongst others.  During the rebellion in Northumberland in 1310, the Castle was again seized by Sir Gilbert de Middleton who used it for kidnappings and holding prisoners, until he was seized for treason.  There are different accounts for its destruction but by 1323 it was referred to as ‘entirely destroyed and burnt’ during the inquest into the death of Sir Aymer de Valence.

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